SW063 INT Dave Chesson

November 18, 2017

We talk to Dave Chesson about blurb writing for different markets and how to get better conversions.


SW062 MAR Blurb Theory

November 11, 2017

We talk about the different theories that exist for blurbs, and go through writing one to show how each works. 


SW062 INT David Wright

November 4, 2017

We interview David Wright about the struggles of a common name as a writer.


SW061 MAR Pre-Launch Part 1

October 28, 2017

We discuss everything you need to be doing before you finish and publish your book. At least everything we could fit into part 1.


SW060 DIS Action Beats Re-Release

October 20, 2017

We re-release one of our most popular episodes: Actions beats.


SW059 G&P Split Infinitive

October 13, 2017

Can you split them? When should you?


SW058 INT Sarah Werner

October 10, 2017

Sarah Werner talks to us about going full time as an author, using audio to reach a larger audience, and how to put sound into verbs and bring the setting to life.


SW057 MAR01 Marketing Plan

October 3, 2017

We discuss the two paths of marketing, why you should choose one or the other.


SW056 INT Alora Dillon

September 23, 2017

We interview Alora Dillon as she talks about just writing dialogue, using Wattpad and how to make a cover.


SW055 INT Robert Lenz

September 16, 2017

We interview Robert Lenz about self-editing and writing with a co-author.