SW036 INT Kerry Donavan: Kindle Scout & Better Verbs

April 22, 2017

Kerry Donovan takes fiction writing as seriously as he did his work with scientific articles. Every verb is weighed and measured, and when the work is done he ensures someone else gives the manuscript the same scrutiny so nothing is missed.

In an attempt to expand his reach Kerry submitted to Kindle Scout and we cover all the details of what it means in terms of campaigns, royalties, and rights if you're accepted into the program.


SW035 INT Lee Isserow: Inside the Character’s Head

April 15, 2017

The great strength of the written word is interiority. The ability to get inside of the character’s head, no other medium of storytelling allows for that, there are monologs and voice-overs, but it’s not the same. Only in literature can see the world the way the character sees it, and Lee Isserow is master of interiority.


SW034 INT W. C. Hoffman

April 8, 2017

C. Hoffman writes what he knows, the outdoors. His stories are a balance of character and action. They’re fast paced, but still keep the reader feeling like they know the characters, and understand them.


SW033 INT Nathan Goodman

March 31, 2017

Nathan Goodman started his entire writing career with a single question, a simple “what if …” that has evolved into many stories about Jana Baker, a Special Agent for the FBI and role model for his young daughters.

His stories move at a pace few others can claim, and the stakes are constantly being raised, but I think his true brilliance is his marketing plan for Twitter and Facebook. Learn more in the interview.


SW032 INT Mike Sahno

March 25, 2017

Mike Sahno is a writer of literary fiction who has mastered the art of great prose. We talk to him about how he developed his technique and how he markets his unique books.


SW031 DIS Pinch Points: Re-release

March 17, 2017

We discuss what pinch points are and why they are important to the balance of the story.


SW030 INT Rowntree

March 17, 2017

Suzannah draws her ideas from both myth, history and biblical sources creating stories that are mythic histories and steeped in Christian theology. She examines deep philosophies in simple fairy tale retellings, going deeper in the theme of stories like Beauty & the Beast than a simple warning about judging a book by its cover. She dives into such ideas as ‘once something is loved it becomes lovable.’


SW029 DIS Write More

March 12, 2017

J requested we do an episode on getting more writing done, so this is it. I will state upfront I was against this episode from the beginning, but he's been asking for it for several months now.


SW028 INT Erin Rhew

March 4, 2017

We interview Erin about her editing job, marketing, and building her audience along with book The Prophecy.


SW028 INT G. R. Visini

February 24, 2017

G. R. Visini started writing her book, Mercy Kill, when she was 18 and spent years going back and rewriting. The book grew up with her, evolving from something targeted at YA to something more adult. Like most of us, she wrote a book she wanted to read and that changed as she grew up.

She wrestled and argued with editors about certain choices in the book, and like any writer who works with an editor, sometimes she stood her ground and sometimes conceded the point.

Outside of writing she studies Neuroscience and tries to incorporate much her studies and research into her writing.